Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Rebound

The Rebound

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Jon Frosch(Hollywood Reporter):Saddling brace game actors with a tone-without hearing, charmless script, the film makes recent J.Lo vehicle The Back-up Plan appear like Billy Wilder in comparison.
Brian Orndorf( it bears the marks of workshop intervention, much of the blame relics firmly with Freundlich, who's incapable of arranging a particular honest moment in this uncomfortable, frightfully strained constitution.
Don Groves( unromantic comedy that gets down and despicable.
Katina Vangopoulos(Cut Print Review):The Rebound is largely marked traits-driven, which is more than a hap of romantic films can vouch on this account that.
Henry Fitzherbert(Daily Express):The Rebound offers up surprisingly delicate characters (too nice, you could argue) and a modest charm that compensates with a view to a lack of big laughs or a great deal of suspense.
Alistair Harkness(Scotsman):Another faintly insolent rom-com promoting a marketing mankind's idea of what women in fact want from movies...
Alex Zane(Sun Online):Laughs are in contracted supply, and Mr Freundlich resorts to outrageous-out lavatory humour that's one unnecessary concession to youthful audiences who wouldn't like this movie anyway.
Sukhdev Sandhu(Daily Telegraph):Why is a movie that's severe to evoke some of the damp metropolitanism of late-'70s Woody Allen in such a manner rammed with hoary gags about New York subsistence awash with transvestites and homeless flashers?
Anna Smith(Empire Magazine):Thanks to a wicked humour and charming leads, it's surprisingly enjoyable. More Zeta-Jones rom-coms, please.
Catherine Bray(Birmingham Post):There is plenteous about The Rebound that does not toil, but you can't help giving it more credit for attempting to roam contemptuously outside the scope of most rom-coms, so much as if it can't entirely pull it off.
Ben Rawson-Jones(Digital Spy):The positives of The Rebound vastly outweigh the minor criticisms. It's besides not afraid to adopt a unexpected tonal shift at a key exigency of the plot, which works fairly well.
Robbie Collin(News of the World):ven blow -bang in the middle of the conquer year for romcoms in living renown, The Rebound deserves a special boot up the backside for its very angry incompetence.
Trevor Johnston(Radio Times):It's not margin-splittingly funny, or exactly emotionally severe, but Zeta-Jones and Bartha are one as well as the other decidedly charming, even if there's a signal lack of sexual chemistry between them.
Elliott Noble(Sky Movies):Zeta-Jones is ever fun when she's bad, further she still hasn't found the lawful leading man to bring out her cuddly border.
Matthew Turner(ViewLondon):Watchable romantic comedy, enlivened ~ the agency of good dialogue, strong performances and likeable characters, yet it occasionally struggles to find the in accordance with duty tone and is let down ~ means of a hideously contrived ending.
Rich Cline(Shadows in successi~ the Wall):A charming and mindful tone helps lift this above most romantic comedies, at least until the ~ry kicks in during the final especially contrived act. But until then, it keeps us agreeably smiling and sighing along.
Simon Weaving(Screenwize):An utterly predictable entrant in the Cougedy genre sees a yummy-mummy (Zeta-Jones) and her 25 year-experienced babysitter (Bartha) tumble into love on the model of she takes her two young children to a commencing life in New York.

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